Your own beer

Did you create your own recipe and would you like to brew a bigger quantity so more people can enjoy your brew ? But also you do want to brew yourself instead of letting some one else do the job for you. We definitely can help you here.
Together we scale up your recipe en we guide you through the brewing day. A brewing day starts with the grinding of the malts and just ends when you can leave the brewery clean and shiny.
4 weeks later  you can come and bring some friends to bottle or kegg your beer, depending your choice.

One brew contains 1500 or 2000 liter beer. Bottles are put into cardboard boxes 24 x 0,33cl Vichy bottles (€0,6 per box) or in cardboard 12 x 75 cl or cardboard 6 x 75 cl depending types of bottle. Crowncork or beercorck. Prices per liter depend the brewed volumes:


Included in the price:

Joint brew, fermetntation, crowncork (not beercorks) and refermentation in warm room.


Not included in the price:

Raw materials, accise, bottles, cardboard, labels, transport and bottling. (€250 if I have to organize the bottle team. €0 If you help with 2 persons.)


Some guidelines for raw materials:

Malt: €0,62 – €0,95 / kg Sugar: €0,90 / kg Yeast, hop and other specialties: prices Brouwland

Note: Of course you can organise your own raw materials.



You should calculate leadtime of 3 to 4 months between ordering and delivery full optimal drinking beer. To get a beer drinkable, I’ll need about 6 weeks after brewing. 1 day for the brewing, +21 days fermentation/maturation + 14 days bottling and refermentation.



Labels should have below measures and printable pdf should be supplied at the beginning of the brewing cycle.
Label 33 cl: W110 mm, H80mm
Label 75 cl: W110mm, H90mm
Paperquality: 80-90 grams Romenagloss gloss nwet resistant label paper. (horizontale fiberstrukture)
Print: Full Colour + dispersielak
Afloop: 3mm (bigger than the size of the label)
Picture format: all pictures and text must be minimal 2 mm from the cutting edge.



30% before brewing, 70% before pick up.


Below some examples of how it works in practice!
Diederik came brewing
2 brewers for 1 day